Vinyl Composite Floors

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Vinyl Composite Tile Restoration

Our FloorPro Affiliates are fully trained and equipped to offer three standard per-square foot services for VCT:

  • Strip & Refinishing
  • Deep-Scrub & Top-Coating
  • Pre-Treat & Burnishing

When old finishes are removed, and in most instances, we can also apply a state of the art low-maintenance program that requires minimal destructive strip-outs.

Luxury Tile & Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl and Vinyl Sheet Goods Flooring are sold on the premise that they are 'maintenance-free". This is rarely the case. Traffic lanes will form, staining can occur and some form of recovery or restoration work may be required. When this happens - and if possible, before - call your local FloorPro Affiliate for a consultation. We will help you with both the recovery and ongoing maintenance plan.

Gymnasium Wood & Rubber Floors

Sports floors require a set of standards completely unlike residential and commercial flooring. Athletes, running at high speeds, must have the assurance that the SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) allows for stops without sliding into walls (too slippery) or twisting an angle (too much grab). Your local FloorPro Affiliate is both trained and equipped to bring your floor into compliance while beautifying, and showing you how to maintain it.

Polished Concrete & Terrazzo

Most polished concrete & terrazzo floors are treated with lithium densifiers during polishing process. We do not agree with this protocol. The reason can be found in the abundance of micro-cracks that plague floors treated with lithium. In addition, floors that are so treated have a steep decline in appearance within the first 3 months of service. Our protocol dictates a simple and easy ongoing maintenance plan that perpetuates shine while cleaning and burnishing.

Commercial Tile & Grouted Floors

Extracting soil from commercial grouted tile floors is made more difficult due to one key factor - detergent residue. Most kitchens are relying upon high pH detergents to break down greases and simply mop without rinsing or extraction. Grout line pores become clogged with the detergent, which then attract and retain soils day after day. Your local FloorPro Affiliate can remove the detergent, brighten the grout and show you a better method for cleaning.

Water-based Epoxy Coatings

Your local FloorPro Affiliate also has the training and equipment to provide you with a long-lasting epoxy floor with high gloss and deep beauty. We have developed a proprietary method of treating floors with a layered approach that gives a solid background, a clear top-coat with 48 options for pigmentation.

Some of our core floor care components.

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